hanz de fuko

شركة مواد تجميل امريكية , يصب اهتمامها على العناية بشعر وستايل الرجل , تم انشاؤوها بواسطة السيد ديفيد الفونسو وكرستوفر في عام 2009

Hanz de Fuko was born in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District in February of 2009. Founders David Alfonso and Christopher Zent were creative renegades eager to challenge the status quo. The childhood friends were determined to foster creativity and individuality in an industry fast becoming all too corporate.

The concept was to create amazing, "one of a kind" hair care products that would also serve as a wonderful testament to the artist in all of us. It was about having fun, living with purpose and staying true to oneself - to always view things outside of their common usefulness and see if they can be re-worked, re-invented or re-defined.

The brand Hanz de Fuko is a symbolic expression of this simple ideology.

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